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Languages We do not want to much argue about method but we can say that we know one which works. The one we have all experienced in our childhood. So that is it. If we want to use it again it should be a bit different in a case of adults. What makes that difference is the level of cognition of the world.

For very young children language structures are built all together with cognition of the world while in adults case there is a tendency of building a new language structure through references to the already existing one. Of course it is not possible to avoid this but the childlike cognitive way should not be abondoned or no good seconde language structure will ever be built. Language must be experienced not taught!

This means that the cognitive natural way should prevail over the referential one. The references to the world and situations must overwrite the references to the mother language. In a class environment this can only be done by visual experience, feelings and emotions. In everyday life it can also be done by other means.

While using picture or movies it is important to avoid any distracting elements, even some movement can make one of them, but concentrate on the main subject which is the relation between the situation and language.

Easy Mathematics

First thing you should know is that we are not going to replace any school ore even act like one. Nevertheless, we think that we can make your learning going easier and faster. We think that you may start to enjoy it as well.

We will be providing you only with basic knowledge but in a way that you will be able to extend it easily. For example: Instead of teaching you formulas we will show you where they come from, how they are connected with each other and how to find them for yourself. We will teach you to understand and to learn from yourself. This is about your curiosity and creative thinking.

There is a lot of subjects to touch and we cannot give them full attention but even that what we show you will stimulate yor imagination and will encourage you to search for more for yourself.


Our articles cover several popular issues. We help you to understand them by providing bread crumbles and let you build the trail. The articles touch:
  • Learning, especially foreign language learning.
  • Society and social issues.
  • Communication.
  • Information Wars and related issues.
  • Other articles that can be elaborated on your request.

  • W3 Programming

    It is about a language and about mathematical modeling. Still what we want is to make your curiosity be awaked for this interesting experience. Let us tell you why people like programming.
    Firstly, they can obtain what they want in this exciting virtual computer world. Without any excessive effort your computer will do what you wont it to do and this is obviously a source of your satisfaction.
    Secondly, they can calculate and simulate whatever they want and this is called modeling real things.
    Thirdly, thay can make things behave like for example your computer or other machines. This is made by modeling and real time programe executing.

    The main advantage of learning programming is that you learn to build algorithms which is about mathematical modeling. As programming language is not itself difficult nor complicated the success of your programe depends of your ability to make mathematical model of the reality. This proves the extreme usufulness of even very simple mathematics in describing reality. That is your prize for your mathematical knowlede and ability. Programming is an act of creation so lets play with this virtual life. Witold Wójcik