uring your Polish study, you will be using several materials to help you learn the language faster. Most of them are of multimedia-type. Here are some types available:

Audio-visual materials
Audiovisual materials are built around stories which allow learners to easily memorize them. You can see some examples by clicking [Materials ] on the menu on the left.

Starting March 2015 Polish will be taught using new developed program POLYGLOT. This program designed for computers , tablet and smartphones may contain several languages, for example: English, Polish, French, Spanish and Russian and can be used individually by students as well as in the class.

It is developed the way which allows any traditional methods of learning/teaching tu be used. This include individual student learning, teaching in classroom as well as modern very efficient POLYGLOT method which is explained in Polyglot section of this website.

If page is equiped with control buttons use them accordingly to their description. They are used to start/stop sound plaing, to engage dictionary, to show subtitles or to show text of dialogues. Here is an example: