Learning Polish? - What for and how?

f you were born in Poland or your parents were, you may have some relatives over there and it is quite normal that you may want to be in touch with them. If you were a child the days you left Poland or you were born not in there you may not be able to communicate in Polish at all or your Polish could be very poor.

If you want to improve your Polish or you want to learn it from the beginning, our service is perfect for you. There are possibly many people like you but you will be soon the one who stands out of the crowd. Lack of knowledge of the language of your ancestors may not be necessarily a shame but it is a great sorrow to hear people like you trying hardly to say something in Polish.

If you have any Polish connection and you want learn Polish, do it properly, take our Polish classes. Your Polish will be up to date.

If you want to study Polish because you think that it may be useful for you that is great and the only thing you should tell us is the purpose of this. Do you want to communicate with your friends, do you need to understand your employees or you need it for the next trip to Poland. It will help us to set a right program for you.

Most of you surely understand the advantage of being multilingual so let me tell you about some other aspects of learning seconde language. If you are already a bit multilingual person or you plane to be one you should try to acquire an adequate social and cultural dialect, which is appropriate to who and what you are. That means, you won't appear as somebody else while using an other language.

Such a situation usually happens when you learn new language inside a social and cultural environment, which is not yours. Remember that your language reflects yourself; it is your identity card showing others your background, your social status and cultural image. This is not about how many words you know but what social dialect you are able to use.

This is more important that one could imagine. You do not want to learn something that expose you to a mockery or you do not want to shock your audience saying something improper. Do not try to acculturate yourself or subvert your identity but try to stay the same in both languages. That is what we can help you to do.

However, if the social practice embedded in your language is very different from the social background related to the language of your new environment it might be not easy...

Witold Wojcik