About us and our mission

ducational problems of Poles living abroad can be divided in two main groups.
Firstly, we have got cultural and linguistic problems. Secondly, we have got a problem of preserving the Polish identity and the Polish language in the foreign environment.
While speaking about preserving Polish language I do not think about communication with relatives in Poland but I think about the role of that language in the development of child’s personality and knowledge.

One can say, - Children grow in any language environment but I would say - Yes, but there might be some problems requiring parents' attention.
What are they, an why they are present?

Children grow within the language. Every piece of new knowledge and information is fitted in the previously built linguistic structure. If the new language structure in not ready information and knowledge are stored by reference to mother language. That is better than worst, but while the old linguistic structure remains intact but is not growing and new language structure is not yet built, the created reference gap cause the problem and child cannot learn at normal speed. Loss of self-confidence, loss of interest, stress, general regress and other negative phenomena occur.

Our offer resolves those problems.
First, we take care of new language to create basic structure allowing our students to function in the new environment. This is done, as much as possible, using reference to situations and abstract models with a minimum reference to the mother language. Then, we work to build reference between what they already know in their mother language and what they are taught in the school. Once this reference is created, we support children with learning in both old and new language simultaneously till they become self-sufficient and can continue farther learning by them self.

To attain this stage is very important as the language is not only to communicate but also to think, abstract and create. Any disturbance or abrupt interruption in the process of its development may cause unpredictable damage. This is why; you should not leave your children alone in such a moment. Help them. If you loose this chance you can create a person who represents a set of two inharmonious incomplete personalities. You have probably met such persons already, haven't you? Do you want to do that to your child?

While adult case looks simpler, the problems are similar with some exceptions present. The main trouble is the resistance to the learning of a new language. Fortunately, as education of any given adult is usually complete we do not have to work on understanding abstracts and on creating references. Rather we have to take car of the creation of the new linguistic basis in a proper way. This is necessary to make people using new language as their own with no continuous reference to their mother language.

This is not easy but possible. We start This by teaching basic understanding and speaking of the new language with reference to situations not to the mother language. This way the new linguistic structure can be built fast. Once it is done adults can expand their new language by them self. The method is efficient an requires less then year to take students to the level of self sufficiency in acquiring knowledge. That is our mission.