Educational helpers

Continuously raising popularity of the Personal Computers stimulates the interest in educational software. Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that PCs have been used for more then 15 years the quality of educational software are still far from perfection especially of that which suppose to deliver some basic, fundamental knowledge.

This is not about the forms they have nor multi medial environment, neither about the subjects they try to approach, Those are perfect! The poverty of many of them resides in the methodology of teaching, poor interactivity, oversized use of forms hiding primitive educational contents, etc. It is specially true for software conceived to teach basic Mathematics and Physics

A good educational software suppose to not only explain phenomena but to allow the user to experiment, experience, and finally to practice acquired skill or knowledge. If it only presents a content similar to a written tutorial it is not worth to be used.

The possibility of making experiments, which in the real world might require special equipment or difficult to provide conditions, but which can be easy simulated in the computer environment, are particularly attractive and should be widely implemented in educational programs and software.

Current tendency in promoting narrow specialisations and the opinion that the educational market might not be very attractive inhibits serious development in the field and leaves educational software in the hands of amateurs. Of course it does not concern all good professional software tools for science and development which can be accessed by students. The point is that they are to complicated for children.

What tries to fill the gap is the Internet. Unfortunately the chance to select any good staff is rather small as it is hidden in the ocean of mediocrity.

We do not have any extended possibility and time to create fully multi medial content and sophisticated educational software but thanks to the multi frames based structure of our website and Java Script we are able to create simple examples of educational games and exercises. They are mainly conceived to explain Mathematics.

We hope that this will continue and the range of the subjects they cover will be continously expanding.

Witold Wójcik