Mathematics is a one of
biologicaly determinated,
inborn ability of a humand kind.

It means that our brain has everything we need to understand numbers
and mathematical relations, all around, among objects of the world.
We can perceive all this thinks, thanks to the logic incorporated
in our brain. Learning Math is just using your brain. If you are doing
this, Math becomes a pleasure like other things that we love to do.

The background picture of this page was made by computer,
as a result of recurrent applying of a simple mathematical
formula. We call such imagies fractals and the design of
them fractal geometry.

They are present everywhere in the nature, and their
development or grow follows fractal geometry principles.
Many living organisms and unliving forms have these
properties, i.e. threes, leaves, flowers, cristals,
clouds. They look wonderfull but not many knows
that they hold hidden beauty of mathematis.

Physics, inseparable sister of mathematics, named
in the past, the phylosophy of nature, emmerged as
natural human desire for understanding the world.
It reflects the human will to use knowledge for the
advantage of the man kind.

The principles of Physics are formulated using
Mathematics, which allows qualitative and quantitative
approach to phenomena. The use of Math to analyse
phenomena is called Mathematical Modelling.
We describe the behavior of a phenomenon using Math
and then we make the analysiss of the model instead.