Let's learn French fast and easily

Let us introduce to you 'De Vive Voix' a unique audiovisual method of learnig French. Elaborated by Marie-Therese Moget and Pierre Neveu, it became a revelation of the 70'ies of the previous century making possible to learn French quickly and efficiently.

The method had been used in many countries like Canada, France, Poland, Brazil, Germany making a lot of enthusiastic followers as well as many opponents defending traditional approach to language teaching and it was really good.

The success of the method and its recognition were due to extremely fast and incredibly successful learning of language structures allowing students to use language like their own.

Many years later the method was abandoned, probably because the course did not renew its image accordingly to the newest multimedia technology or there was nobody to take car of it. Together with the appearance and expansion of personal computers many new methods emerged but in our opinion their form over waited the content and we believe that any learning without teacher's support is inefficient.

Why we adapted that method? - Simply because it is good and it is good because it is natural. The method calls both, natural human ability to learn and to teach. It is almost the way mother language is taught and learned. This is why it fits in your mind.

Witold Wojcik