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How to expand your English?

Your English can be one that you brought with you from your country or maybe one that you learned abroad, which means that you developed it spontaneously while spending some time in an English environment. In either case you may feel that your English is not quite good.

It is almost sure that in the first case your English was built on your mother language structure. You do not think in English but your mother language thinking is simultaneously translated to English. While listening, you feel lost in long and fast spoken expressions and you have to work on them to understand.

This case is really difficult as it is necessary to cut the connection between your native language and English and then build English language structure in your brain. To do that you must try to avoid translation as much as you can. Not to much your native television, newspapers, not to much native conversation. If you cannot do this all the time try to set only English days separately.

Watch English television every day, get some audio books and listen to them; if you can get the corresponding text, after have your audio-book listened twice listen to it again following the text with your eyes accordingly.

Start writing English texts, but not create it; set a subject of your interest and get some good structured sentences from others work. Modify them using different words, make sentences a bit shorter. Remember, that everything people learn they learn it by coping. Introduce your opinion to the subject by coping and modifying intelligently. Leave your work for a day or two then return to it in order to improve it. Write your English that way as long as you may need it.

Do not copy primitive language, it is enough for you if you understand it. Try to keep your English on the level, which corresponds with your social status. Do not be too much formal but do not learn slung. Try to spend some time with people whom you may learn from. Do not waist your time in bad English environment. Meet us, we'll take care of it.

If you did not learn your English in a school you may feel that your English works. This is because after some time people understand you and you understand them. It seems to be quite perfect but we strongly advise you to polish your English, as it may be really rough. Learn English from the beginning but do it fast. Work on more elegant and more formal structures, learn some extended vocabulary, listen to audio books, and revise your grammar. Enrol in a course in a college but if you are not satisfy with your teacher find an other course.

Witold Wójcik