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Please find:
  • Games and plays increasing your mathematical skills.
  • Exercices to improve your memory and logical thinking
  • Materials to easily learn Polish, Math and Physics
  • Web development and WWW programming lessons
  • Materials to learn English, French and Spanish:
  • One to one and group tutoring in Math and Physics.
  • WWW programing and test/forms development.
  • Article on subjects that may interest you.
  • Photo Galery
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Welcome page
This introductionary page presents the great possibilities you may find using our portal. It welcoms you in the world of our virtual education and informs you about the general content of the portal

About us and our mission
The page explains the circumstances of the creation of this website and presents our mission statement.

Present the posibilities of using our website and encurage visitors to use our customized servis oportunities.

Just presents the range of our interests our goals and advantages of using our portal.


Learning Polish - What for??
The page presents our opinion about continuing some Polish education abroad. We show why it is important and what are the concequences of interrupting it. The page also cover the information about Polish as foreign language for peopele intereste to leanr it.

Example of a concept form for lessons
It serves to develop a concept for every lesson. Contains subject explanation aims and outcomes as wel as some information about the learning methods.

Learning English

Better English
Learn fast and efficiently?

The page talks about the very nature of learning languages especially English and presents the best methodes to acquire linguistic skills. It explains the most common mistakes and false ideas about learning and teaching languages. It shows how to recognize them and avoid them.

Materials. What they are and how to use them.

Better English
Materials - Main Menu

Better English
Audio-books - menu

Better English - Audio-books
Alladin and wonderful lamp

Fragments. Audio and text.

Better English - Audio-books

Fragments. Audio and text.

Better English - Audio-books
Poor dad , rich dad

Fragments. Audio and text.

Better English - Audio-books
Rich man, poor man

Fragments. Audio and text.

Better English - Audio-books
Alberto’s New Neighbours
Audio-book - fragmenty wraz z tekstem

Easy French

How should we learn French?
The page explaining one of the best method to learn French.

French - exercise menu

Easy French
Practice make masters

The page presents the materials available on our websides. It contains some guidlines about when how to use them.

Easy French
Minnie petite sourie

chanson par Henri Salvador

Easy French
How to get the best out of the exercises.

Easy French - Lesson Schedule.

Mathematics & Physics

Mathematics and Physics
Are we all mathematicians?.

Aims & outcomes menu

Mathematics - Lesson schedule form

Mathematics - Lesson 1
Comparing sets

Mathematics - Lesson 2
Counting objects

Mathematics - Lesson 3
Creating number systems

Mathematics - Lesson 4
Base three system

Mathematics - Lesson 5
Decimal system

Mathematics - exercise menu

Mathematical helpers
Calculator or computer?

Mathematics & Computer
Will help you to learn and understand Math. Off course can do all calculation you may need. You may need some good programs and exercise.

Mathematics i Calculator
God knowledge of a calculator can liberate you from to much thinking but also may liberate you from spotting your mistakes. They are very good for shopping sometime to calculate some staff if there is no computer in the area but you will learn nothing out of it.

Comments about mathematical helpers
Despite of the 30 years presence of computers in our life good programs usualy profesional are still very expensive as they are mainly addressed to companies. Large public market are not taken into concideration. Internet based educational programes and games related to Math and Physics rarely present any educational value. Except nice graphics they represent nearly nothing.

Alarm Clock and Disco

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock lets you switch on alarm signal and music at any time you wish.

Using alarm clock
To start the digital clock click the small picture of the analogue clock above it. To stop the clock click the text field beside.

Music list
List of music and songs used in alarm cloc function and disco.

Our Articles

Articles - what they are about.
This section is not only about education, but also a place for reflections discussions about all the matters you may be interested in.

Bilingual children, more pros than cons.
Bilinguism - What advantages our children will be given?

Photo Galery

Photo Galery - presentation page
Our pictures were made during our trips in the UK and short holidays abroad.

Galery - Main Menu
Galeries 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - Thumbnails with shortcuts to the galeries

Galery 1 - Roma - menu
Thumbnails with shortcuts to the photos.

Galery 2 - Barcelona - menu
Thumbnails with shortcuts to the photos.

Galery 3 - Norfolk Heritage Park, UK - menu
Thumbnail shortcuts to the photos.

Galery 4 - Madeira - menu
Thumbnail shortcuts to the photos.

Galery 5 - Andalucia - menu
Thumbnail shortcuts to the photos..

Galery 6 - United Kingdom - menu
Thumbnail shortcuts to the photos..

Galery 7 - Tunisia - menu
Thumbnail shortcuts to the photos.

Galery 8 - Benidorm, Spain - menu
Thumbnail shortcuts to the photos..

Galery 9 - British Hobbies - menu
Thumbnail shortcuts to the photos.

Business card
Allows to read and print the business card.

Christmas songs
MP3 audio

Presents information about new articles, games, exercises, etc.

Educational games and exercises
Presents actual games and exercices available on the website

The end of English version

Teaching Polish - Polish version

The end of list

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Education alert
Our children learn less than ever...
What's happened?